Ifasalewa Ogunride

Aye l'oja, orun n'ile.
(The World is a market place, the Spirit World is our home.)

Greetings of Peace, Long Life, Abundance and Good Health.

Ase (May it be so).
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orunmila is a subtle teacher. the message of ifa is given in aphorisms, proverbs and gentle suggestions. in order to flourish as an ifa devotee, you have to be inwardly receptive and outwardly responsive. there is a verse of the holy odu ogbedi that tells us about the time when orunmila posed a riddle to his disciples, telling them “the divinity who will make life easy for people has come… who is it?” each of awo claimed one orisa or another to be the savior of humanity, but when tested, each of them was proven incapable of making life easy for people. when the awos then claimed that it must be orunmila himself, he laughed… “it cannot be ME! when there is a snake hiding in the bush behind someone’s house, i will merely advise the person not to go into the yard at night because there is danger. if, in defiance of my advice, the person runs into the snake, only then do they run and shout ‘orunmila warned me not to go there!!!” yoruba traditional wisdom is patterned largely on the wisdom of ifa, in the sense that the elders say that only the first half of a proverb needs to be recited to an omoluwabi (a well-born person of good character) because the other half of the proverb will flourish inside of her. so, growth within orisa lifestyle is absolutely predicated upon your ability to be increasingly contemplative, introspective and meditative. through the strict practice of disciplined self examination, you must make it your objective to INTERNALIZE the teachings of ifa and to express them in every thought, word and deed. this is the meaning of live the medicine. 

Ifa Divination (Dafa/ATS)

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