Ifasalewa Ogunride

Aye l'oja, orun n'ile.
(The World is a market place, the Spirit World is our home.)

Greetings of Peace, Long Life, Abundance and Good Health.

Ase (May it be so).
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"People are more used to seeing men who are masters at an instrument than women. When people say, ‘Oh, she plays like a dude,’ it’s usually dudes who are the ones saying it. They’re saying, ‘Oh, she’s as good as us.’ Of course, that’s a stupid statement. It’s totally stereotypical to say, ‘We have an advantage on this, and if anyone else can do it well, it’s only because they’re like us.’ I think more men are starting to learn that this attitude is totally hollow and based in imagination. As more women are involved in music, this kind of thing gets said less and less."

Esperanza Spalding | singer, jazz bassist, and composer

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Study for “British Empire Panels”, The Guildhall, Swamsea, 1925
Unique gelatin silver print.
6 ½ x 4 ½ in. (16.5 x 11.4 cm).

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Lisa Lopes a.k.a Left Eye ♥

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A kì í gbọ́n ju ẹni tí a máa dÍfá fún.
One cannot be wiser than the person for whom one will consult the Ifá oracle.

(It is better to listen to the supplicant rather than put words in his/her mouth.)

- owe yoruba

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Africans In India

I climbed the HIGHEST mountain,
just to see the feet of HER beauty.


Sun Halo With Parhelic Circle by Levin Dieterle

Halos around the sun or moon happen when high, thin cirrus clouds are drifting high above your head. Tiny ice crystals in Earth’s atmosphere cause the halos. They do this by refracting and reflecting the light. Lunar halos are signs that storms are nearby. [Earthsky]

A parhelic circle is a halo, an optical phenomenon appearing as a horizontal white line on the same altitude as the sun, or occasionally the Moon. If complete, it stretches all around the sky, but more commonly it only appears in sections. [**]

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